4.9.9 The td element

Sectioning root.
Contexts in which this element can be used:
As a child of a tr element.
Content model:
Flow content.
Content attributes:
Global attributes
DOM interface:
interface HTMLTableDataCellElement : HTMLTableCellElement {};

The td element represents a data cell in a table.

The td element and its colspan, rowspan, and headers attributes take part in the table model.

User agents, especially in non-visual environments or where displaying the table as a 2D grid is impractical, may give the user context for the cell when rendering the contents of a cell; for instance, giving its position in the table model, or listing the cell's header cells (as determined by the algorithm for assigning header cells). When a cell's header cells are being listed, user agents may use the value of abbr attributes on those header cells, if any, instead of the contents of the header cells themselves.